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Advance poll dates and locations

If you are an eligible voter, you can vote at the following locations in the city of Mississauga on the advance poll days:


I am encouraging all Ward 4 residents, who have the right to vote, to go out on Oct. 22 to select the candidate who will support current and future residents and will be keen to develop Ward 4 for a brighter tomorrow” Yoliana Azer, Councillor Candidate Mississauga Ward 4

A very active community builder who deeply cares about offering support and advancement to all individuals. Yoliana’s community work has started two decades ago. Her work has involved working in different fields and projects such as: health improvement projects, education, poverty alleviation, equity of access to resources, empowerment of marginalized communities, literacy and refugee support. Her work has affected thousands of families with limited income, indigenous communities, schools and nonprofit organisations, new Canadians and refugees. Her volunteer and community work reflect her beliefs to build and enhance an inclusive and coherent community in Mississauga that we are all proud to call “HOME” Ward 4 has a special place in her heart, as it was the first place to settle in when she moved to Canada and still is the home to her family business. Throughout her daily life and interactions with Ward 4 residents, she has noticed areas to be further improved. She is sure that there is more to be done for all Ward 4 residents to create a lifetime living experience and a brighter tomorrow.

  • new Canadian women

  • new Canadians families

  • Egyptian Coptic Festival

  • Peel Leadership Centre

Meet Mississauga ward 4 councillor candidate: Yoliana Azer


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